Private-label herbs and spices: from adobo to zaatar

Do you want to offer private-label herbs and spices? Here at STOP Spices, we understand that herbs and spices set the tone. So you will find a wide range of quality herbs and spices to offer under your own brand name, with attractive packaging and labels so that your products make the right impression and offer your customers the necessary information.

Our herbs and spices

You can choose from a wide range of more than 400 herbs and spices. Every single one of them has been carefully selected and processed to guarantee the highest quality and best flavour. Whether you want to flavour savoury dishes, desserts or even drinks, we have the private-label herbs and spices you need.

Private-label herbs and spices that are tasty and tasteful

Your brand is unique, and STOP Spices aims to ensure that your private-label herbs and spices stand out on the market as well. So we advise you on selecting individual herbs and help you decide on the ideal packaging. We suggest various options that fit your brand’s identity. For the label, we advise you on all the required information such as the origin of the ingredients, nutritional information, best before dates, etc. That enables you to comply with all the legal requirements and give your customers the right facts.

Service to savour

When you choose STOP Spices, you are opting for carefully selected herbs and spices that are processed with care.

The thing that makes private-label herbs and spices special is that they’re unique, don’t you agree? That’s why we provide 100% custom work, so that you can let your brand shine.

Our team is here to help you choose the right herbs and spices and offer packaging options that suit your brand.

With around 70 years of experience under its belt, STOP Spices is a trusted partner in the food industry. Our knowledge and experience also help your business grow.

Want to team up with STOP Spices?

Do you want to find out more about how we can bring your private-label herbs and spices to life? Our team is here to answer all your questions and find the right herbal solution for your brand.

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