Product development: bring your private label to life

Have you been thinking for some time about a private-label herb or spice blend? STOP Spices turns your idea into an impressive product line that you can be proud of. Take your brand to the next level with private-label blends, getting enthusiastic reactions from your customers. We go for quality, creativity and flexibility at every stage of the process.

Here’s how we do it


There’s an art to knowing which herbs and spices work best together. We combine them to create unique flavour profiles that fit your brand identity. We always start by making a sample for your approval. We wait until we get the flavour exactly right before we start producing your blend.


A sachet, glass jar, cardboard tube or luxury box? These are just some of the many ways of packaging your herbs and spices in a way that is both high quality and attractive. Together, we find a solution that suits your brand.


We help you bring information and style together on your label. We advise you on how to make sure your label contains all the required details, and we give your products an attractive appearance that impresses your customers.

From idea to herb and spice blend

Your vision is the key to everything. We look forward to working with you to develop private-label herbs, spices and blends to inspire your customers. Your journey into a world of flavour starts here.

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