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Quality as a tradition
Herbs, spices and blends of excellent quality: as a Belgian family business, we aim to deliver only the very best flavours to our customers. The knowledge and techniques behind our high-quality herbs and spices have been passed down within the company for almost 70 years.

The team behind your product’s flavour
We are a herb and spice manufacturer with a flexible team. In our close-knit group of complementary talents, everyone’s strengths are valued. We care about each other, we’re there for each other and we work together every day to achieve results. With you at our side.

More than flavour
As a herb and spice manufacturer, we put flavour first. We select and process all our herbs and spices with the greatest of care. We also develop and produce your private-label herbs and spices with great dedication. From the first idea to the final delivery.

Something different for every customer
The right flavour means something different to every customer. So we start by listening to what you need, and then we develop the ideal private-label herbs and spices with you. That way, you can boast a unique product that fits in with your vision: something to make your customers’ mouths water!

Pure creativity
Ask us a question and we’ll start looking for the best solution right away. Expect ideas that go the extra mile and innovative proposals that exceed your expectations.

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Our flavour creators


Managing Director
27 years with STOP Spices

A refreshing whirlwind in a men’s world
“STOP Spices wasn’t my first love. I studied biochemistry but started my career in the fashion industry. Now, though, I’m passionate about everything to do with flavour. Above all, I’m intensely proud of all the great projects we’ve successfully completed here.”


Managing Director
10 years with STOP Spices

Driving force behind a production process that goes like clockwork
“I do my best to set a good example and aim to deliver high-quality products. I like giving our people the right training and tools to do exactly that.”


The perfect partner for our customers
“‘How can we help you best?’ That’s always my first question. From a simple request to the wildest ideas, I’m only happy once we’ve found a good solution.”

Then and now

Flavour is, was and will always be our most important driving force.

The story of STOP Spices is about more than just spice.
It’s a story about flavour and about reinventing yourself whilst staying true to who you are.
A story in which every character is equally important.


Herbs and spices for the meat sector

The story began with Mr Stop in Brakel. As well as teaching apprentice butchers, he had a herb and spice business for butchers’ shops. His perfectionism and understanding of flavour soon made him a household name in the sector. By the way, he wasn’t really called Mr Stop. We look forward to telling you how he got his nickname at our first meeting.



A new family

Mr Stop had six children, but none of them inherited his entrepreneurialism. One of his suppliers, a sausage skin merchant, once said: “If you ever want to sell your business, let me know.” And that’s exactly what happened. Willem Van Damme gradually wound down his sausage skin business and started focusing entirely on making STOP Spices grow, with herbs and spices for butchers, fishmongers and caterers. And he had all his predecessor’s sense of quality and customer-friendliness.



From retail business to a partner for the industry

The knowledge STOP Spices had gained in the meat and fish sectors also turned out to be invaluable in other industries. Companies were only too eager to work with a business that helped them think things through behind the scenes to improve the flavour of their product. And so the ambitions of the herb and spice manufacturer grew.



From father to daughter

Once she had tried her hand at all the jobs in the company, Mr Van Damme realised STOP Spices was in good hands with his daughter Isabelle. So it was a pleasure for him to pass on the baton. Isabelle and her husband Vic complement each other well. She’s the thinker; he’s the one who gets things done. Above all, both of them are entirely true to themselves.



A solution for everything

The pandemic was a difficult period for many businesses. STOP Spices remained its own practical self and succeeded in making smooth deliveries of herbs and spices in Belgium and the surrounding countries. That caught the eye of a whole host of new customers.



Making dreams come true

“We’ve spent the past few years really building up our business. And we’re continuing to innovate and invest, so that we can respond to our customers’ needs”, Isabelle explains. Making great projects happen every day is what really motivates the herb and spice manufacturer, which prefers to stay in the background and let its customers enjoy the limelight.


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