Herb and spice packaging to suit your blend

Of course the flavour is the most important thing of all, but your herb and spice packaging is crucial too. The right packaging will appeal to your customers and reflect the personality of your brand. So we help you come up with the ideal packaging for your herbs, spices or blends.

Herb and spice packaging: from simple to exclusive

From simple glass jars with an elegant appeal to luxury boxes with hints of gold that make a lasting impression on your customers: the way you package your herbs and spices is an extension of your brand identity and will depend on the goal you want to achieve with your private-label herbs. We look forward to advising you, going in search of the right materials to package your herbs and spices if necessary.

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is a more important consideration today than ever before. So when we look for the right packaging for your herbs and spices, we aim to use environmentally friendly materials. Materials that you can recycle, for example, with as little impact as possible on the environment. That way you present your products in attractive packaging while making it clear that your brand cares about the planet.

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Do you want perfect packaging for the herbs and spices under your private label? We help you choose the packaging that makes your brand shine – and makes customers buy your products!

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