Make a herb or spice blend under a private label

Are you looking for the perfect herb or spice blend to suit your brand? At STOP Spices, we’re passionate about herbs and spices, and we offer customised herb and spice blends that your business can launch under your private label. Whether you’re looking for a blend of herbs for summer barbecues, super-spicy creations or other culinary adventures, our experience and creativity will help us make a herb or spice blend to suit your wishes. Go for a custom blend or choose from our library of recipes that we have developed ourselves.


Have you developed your own culinary herb mix, great! With our expertise in flavour and blending, we will blend and package it for you under your private label thanks to our enthusiastic team.

Something to suit every taste

Make herb or spice blends as varied as your customers’ tastes. From mild to super-spicy, sweet to savoury, we will find the recipe for a herb or spice blend that tastes exactly the way you imagined it. In our herb library, we have a huge range of existing mixes in which we will search together for ‘the’ unique flavour for your private label.

Making custom herb and spice blends

Every herb and spice blend we make starts with the specific flavour profile you are looking for: a combination of flavours that reflects your customers’ preferences and the identity of your brand. Our experienced team of herb experts is ready to help you make the perfect recipe for your herb or spice blend. Whether you want a unique barbecue rub, a tasty sauce mix or a hot and spicy combo, we’ve got the creativity and expertise to make it for you. Obviously, we’ll make sure that every recipe we create remains strictly confidential. And not just that: we only develop exclusive herb and spice blends that make your brand stand out from the rest of the market.

Service to savour

When you choose STOP Spices, you are opting for carefully selected herbs and spices that are processed with care.

The thing that makes private-label herbs and spice blends special is that they’re unique, don’t you agree? That’s why we provide 100% custom work, so that you can let your brand shine.

Our team is here to help you compose the right herb and spice blend and offer packaging options that suit your brand.

With around 70 years of experience under its belt, STOP Spices is a trusted partner in the food industry. Our knowledge and experience also help your business to grow.

Want to team up with STOP Spices?

Are you ready to make a herb and spice blend under your own brand name? Our team will be happy to help you develop herb and spice blends that your customers will value. Together, we bring the full flavour of your vision to life.

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