Delicious marinades

At STOP Spices, we’re masters of the art of marinading, too. Our knowledge and expertise results in marinades that take your dishes and products to the next level. What’s more, you can count on us for reliable and flexible production and delivery.

Dry marinades: juicy, tender and tasty

We design our dry marinades with a single aim in mind: to make your meat or fish creations taste even better. These marinades make your dishes juicy and tender and add extra flavour. They are suitable for pan frying, roasting or grilling.

Oil marinades: natural and tender

Are you looking for even more flavour in your meat and fish dishes? Our oil marinades are another way to give your products an incredible flavour. And not just that: they preserve the natural appearance of your meat or fish while making it tender and juicy. To top it all, these marinades are a beautiful way to present your dishes.

Marinades that make all the difference

STOP Spices loves developing marinades for you, with a unique flavour that really adds something to your products.

Are you looking for a marinade that will set your product apart from the rest? STOP Spices can develop marinades for you that are perfectly aligned with your vision and product. Want to add flavour and tenderness? We look forward to working with you to create a delicious result.

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