Herb and spice blends for the food industry

At STOP Spices, flavour and innovation come first. Our herb and spice blends and functional mixtures are designed to take your products to the next level. Our in-house R&D team strives constantly to create the optimal flavour for every product.

Herb and spice blends for the meat industry

Herbs and spices are what make your meat products truly irresistible. We work with ground and whole herbs and spices to give your meat products an exceptional flavour. Come to us for customised herb and spice blends to flavour any meat dish you can imagine.

Tasty fish dishes

We spice up your fish dishes too. Every herb and spice blend we create is customised for your dish or product. That ensures that they taste exactly the way you want them to, with the flavour your customers love.

Even more flavour

As well as herb and spice blends for meat and fish, we create blends for a wide range of dishes such as:

Here’s how we guarantee quality

Unrivalled quality
Here at STOP Spices, we believe only the best flavour is good enough for you. We work together with your own team to find the right flavour for your products.

Fast and flexible
We do everything we can to start production within seven days of our own first tests. That way, you can put new products onto the market at record speed.

Experience and expertise
With decades of experience in the food industry, we understand the art of blending herbs and spices better than anyone. We have helped countless companies develop the right herb and spice blends for their products.

Safe and bursting with flavour

Do you want to be sure the herbs and spices you buy are exactly the way they should be? Opt for heat-treated herbs and spices. Heat treatment reduces the microbial load, without affecting the flavour, of course!

Trust the taste of STOP Spices!

STOP Spices supplies herb and spice blends that fulfil all your culinary desires. We look forward to explaining to you how our herb and spice blends can take the flavour of your products to uncharted heights.

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