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Our organic herbs and spices are flavoursome and sustainably produced. As an organic herb and spice wholesaler, we offer you a varied selection for savoury and sweet dishes, stored and processed with care, and packaged with care… naturally. The first time you order, we listen carefully to find out exactly what you need. Pure flavours? A balanced blend of organic herbs or spices? Or a marinade in oil?

This is how we do it:

100% organic
A sustainable product, produced with respect for humans and nature.

From 25 kg
All the organic blends in our range can be ordered in quantities of 25 kg and above. You can order combinations of single organic herbs and spices in quantities of 1 kg and above.

Rapid delivery
No long waiting times, so you can get to work fast.

Do you want to go organic?

As an organic herb and spice wholesaler, STOP Spices offers products that comply with the organic food laws, customised precisely to fit your own organic range. They are not just organic, but fair and flavoursome as well.

With the greatest of care

All our organic herbs and spices are stored separately. We also process them separately. That way, we can guarantee the purity of the organic ingredients. Our people are specially trained and apply all the regulations with the greatest of care. Because we treat your organic herb and spices with so much love, we have earned our organic certificate. This is your guarantee of a high-quality product that respects the rules and regulations for organic food.

Beyond organic

We also commit to supplying you with a sustainable product in other ways. For instance, we use LED lighting in our production and storage areas. That has reduced our energy consumption by an impressive 35%. We also make a conscious choice to limit our packaging to a minimum.

Project Malawi

People matter to us. To show our solidarity, we are working with Exchange and Satemwa on the project ‘Tea for Three’. We have contributed our expertise to the project, with our personally developed certification and implementation quality system. This is our way of giving people from the global South the opportunity for progress that is their right.

We have been showing our solidarity with the community for years through our involvement with the local activities of Rikolto (the former Vredeseilanden), an organisation that works to achieve healthy and sustainable food systems.

Are you looking for an organic herb and spice wholesaler?

STOP Spices is here for you. We’re the place to be for organically certified herbs and spices. We can also create a herb and spice blend or a marinade in oil to suit your wishes – with all-organic ingredients, naturally. As an organic herb and spice wholesaler, we look forward to discussing your needs and helping you find the right products with our professional expertise.

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