Halal herbs and spices for the food industry

In an increasingly diverse world, it’s important to meet the differing needs and preferences of consumers. That includes responding to the growing demand for halal products. That’s why STOP Spices offers an extensive range of halal herbs and spices.

When are herbs and spices halal?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning ‘pure’ or ‘permitted’ in the context of the Islamic dietary laws. For herbs and spices, this means they are free of forbidden ingredients and that they are produced, processed and stored in ways that comply with the Islamic rules. This doesn’t just mean avoiding certain ingredients; it covers the integrity of the entire production chain.

Our range 

STOP Spices offers a wide range of halal herbs and spices. You can check exactly where these herbs and spices come from and how they have been processed. Our range includes everything from basics like black pepper and cumin to exotic spices like saffron and sumac. Each of these herbs and spices is guaranteed halal and can be used with confidence in every kitchen that follows the Islamic guidelines.

Why opt for halal herbs and spices?

Every company that considers offering halal products will need to select all the ingredients it uses with care. That includes herbs and spices. It’s a way to offer flavour according to the Islamic dietary laws. Furthermore, halal food is often associated with higher quality standards and more stringent controls, which adds an extra layer of confidence for all consumers, whatever their religious beliefs.

Tailored to your business

Every business has unique needs. That’s why STOP Spices offers customised solutions. Whether you are a restaurant that serves halal meals or a food manufacturer that offers halal products, we can supply you with the right herbs and spices in the right quantities.

Looking for a herb and spice wholesaler?

STOP Spices brings the rich flavours of herbs and spices to your kitchen, so your dishes both taste delicious and become more accessible to a wider audience. Want to find out more about what we can offer? Contact us for a first meeting.

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